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At True Blue Line Boring we value people and communities

And it’s been our privilege to support organisations that give people, especially children the opportunity to reach their potential.

Compassion Australia


True Blue Line Boring have long been supporters of Compassion Australia and their Child Sponsorship Program.  Compassion’s holistic child development focuses on the spiritual, socio-emotional, economical and physical needs of each individual child.  Through Compassion Australia, True Blue Line Boring also supported a Critical Intervention to provide a safe water supply and improved sanitation for the children and community of Tuhiq Jaji Child Development Centre in East Indonesia.

The Uprising


True Blue Line Boring sponsors the annual youth event The Uprising.  Suicide is the biggest killer of young Australians.  The Uprising is an annual youth event that brings young people together from all across our local region for one night to bring hope to those feeling hopeless, and to not only encourage them that help is out there, but give them the numbers to call, the people to talk to, and a way to move forward.  The Uprising highlights the local support networks available in the youth’s schools and local community.

The Great Endeavour Rally


True Blue Line Boring contributes to helping those living with a disability to live fulfilling lives by giving to The Endeavour Foundation via The Great Endeavour Rally.  In 2016 True Blue Line Boring donated to car 012 ‘Kingdom’.  In 2017 True Blue Line Boring entered the Great Endeavour Rally placing 1st in our division.  For the 2018 Great Endeavour Rally, True Blue Line Boring is donating to car 036 ‘The Flying Peanut’.

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