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Mobile Line Boring

True Blue Line Boring offer in-situ bore welding and machining of bores ranging from 40mm-1m and above. We run top of the range Climax boring equipment. We carry all the equipment in a purpose built trailer so that we can come to you any time anywhere.

Bore Welding

Bore Welding is a welding process that reduces the diameter of a bore by adding 3-6mm of metal to the inside of a worn bore which can then be machined back to the correct size with the line boring process.

During the fabrication of many new components the welding process will always cause warping and distortion throughout the component even if a jig is used. This can cause considerable misalignment of any pin bores within the component. The best way to overcome this problem is to fabricate the component keeping the pin bore diameters undersize by 5mm-10mm depending on the amount of distortion due to weld.

Flange Facing

Flange facing is often required due to wear and tear but usually corrosion is the leading cause especially when there are corrosive materials passing through the pipes and flanges. The flange facing machines are bore mounted so that there is no welding required to support the machine which allows us to work on and around pressure vessels.

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