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Flange Facing


Flange facing is often required due to wear and tear but usually corrosion is the leading cause especially when there are corrosive materials passing through the pipes and flanges. The flange facing machines are bore mounted so that there is no welding required to support the machine which allows us to work on and around pressure vessels.



Flange facing is the process of machining damaged or corroded flanges on various pipes and vessels. Precision and accuracy is required to ensure that when assembled, the flange face has a perfect seal.


We use state of the art equipment and technologies to offer machining of flange faces, raised or flat flange surfaces and from fine to gramophone finishes. We work with widths from 35mm to 3050mm and across multiple configurations.


True Blue Line Boring also provides a fully mobile flange facing service to the mining, earthmoving, gas fields and construction industries. This on-site mobile machining service means that we can come to you for repair or maintenance of flange facing and our 24 hour emergency service means we are available for break-downs and urgent repairs.


Based in Brisbane we specialise in in-situ solutions on-site machining from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast, and surrounding areas.

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