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A Good Reason Not to Put Off Maintenance

A Good Reason Not to Put Off Maintenance

After spending 21 years in my trade I have experienced first hand the need for maintenance/preventative maintenance on heavy earth moving equipment. As an apprentice and throughout my trade I learnt how to create and implement maintenance schedules on a wide variety of heavy machinery and also ancillary equipment.

Preventative maintenance would have to be the most important of all and neglecting it can become a very costly mistake. Preventative maintenance is neglected for varying reasons some of which are:

  • Economic downturn (no money to pay for maintenance or repairs)
  • overload of work (too busy to stop the piece of equipment)
  • complacency
  • Laziness
  • Error
  • Weather and so on…..

In my experience none of these reasons should be acceptable. If the correct preventative maintenance and breakdown maintenance is not done on time, all the time it will end up costing more in the long run.

Take a large front end loader for instance. Preventative maintenance starts with the operator when he does his daily checklist of the machine. Often these are overlooked or a quick tick and flick gets the operator off and running sooner without actually giving the correct once over that will identify any problems that might be presenting. These documents are so important in the planning for that machine to be operating at its optimum level and maximising its working life.

All machinery will have wear and tear, but if you catch it sooner than later it can save a lot of money. Wear creates wear and before you know it your machine is breaking down or not performing at its optimum. If the wear is let go for too long it can become a more expensive repair job as well as more down time.

In conclusion, don’t neglect your maintenance or it will end up biting you.

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